SC Mobile Detailing Services

Decontamination (decon)
Decontamination is the removal of containments on your cars paint. This is usually in the form of tar but covers all contaminations such as tree sap, iron fallout (often found on new cars from delivery via rail), brake dust and more. The decon stage removes this to leave the paint smooth and shiny safely without scratching or damaging the paintwork.

Door Checks
Door Checks, also known as door seals or door sills is the cleaning of the area around the car doors including the underside of the door itself, rubber seals and the door sills.

Hi-Gloss Sealant
Hi-Gloss is a body sealant made to help protect your cars paint and make water bead and stop dirt and contaminants sticking to the paint. Hi-Gloss also provides an amazing, deep shine to your car and alloys. It is safe and effective to use on paint, glass, plastics and alloys to provide up to 4 months of shine and protection