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About SC Mobile Detailing

Only the best quality, reliable and well tested products are used in order to provide the best possible results for your car. I also take pride in acquiring all the products I use from UK providers, helping boost our economy.

The utmost care will always be taken when dealing with your car regardless of make, model, age or mileage. I aim to provide the best possible service and care from start to finish.

I aim to make each service as reasonably priced as possible to help make a good valet or detail accessible to as many people as possible. From as little as only £30 you can take pride in your pride and joy once more!

You can see what I'm getting up to with the plenty of super before and after photos posted across the SC Mobile Detailing Instagram and Facebook pages, the results really do speak for themselves!

Did you know?

Regular detailing and valeting services helps to maintain your cars value and according to Direct Line a good valet can add as much as 4 times it's value when it comes to selling your car!